From the AJR Files: COVID-19

Patrick Colletti summarizes the latest findings from AJR’s COVID-19 collection.

Board Certification: An Important Marker

Insights from the new Associate Executive Director of Diagnostic Radiology for the ABR on board certification.

The Evolution of Thyroid Cancer Theranostics

Theranostics is an exciting, emerging field where imaging and therapy are intimately tied together, as the same chemical molecule is used for imaging and therapy with a different radionuclide. Theranostics is a relatively new word, but radioiodine ablation with Iodine-131 (I-131) for imaging and treatment of thyroid cancer is one of the earliest examples of […]

Teleradiology’s Second Act

With technological innovation teeming and networks more globalized than ever before, teleradiology—an imaging practice heavily reliant upon both—would seem uniquely moored to rise with these two tides. As advancement often begets acquisition, and especially as radiology practices continue to amalgamate, some teleradiology experts are floating a seemingly counterintuitive notion: the teleradiology wave could be starting […]

Vaping-Associated Lung Injuries

Travis Henry addresses all the headlines with the latest research.

Imaging Advances Toward Autism Diagnosis

Fifteen years of progress, from surveillance to clinical diagnosis.

Berquist Bids Adieu to AJR

InPractice sits down with Thomas Berquist, AJR’s longtime editor in chief.

What’s Next for Us in Radiology?

In November 1982, AJR author Duncan Neuhauser wrote, “Just on the horizon are elaborate artificial intelligence diagnostic programs.” Back then, the price of gas averaged $1.22 a gallon and, for the first time ever, Time magazine’s “Man of the Year” was a literal object: the computer. Some 37 years ago now, as far back as I can […]

Mass Casualty Incidents: An Introduction for Imagers

Mark Bernstein on providing the greatest good for the greatest number.

Interactive Multimedia Radiology Reporting

Cree Gaskin makes a case for revamping an old standard.