Microaggressions: How to Be an Ally

Mindfulness is a key element in using the Most Respectful Interpretation (MRI) method of responding to others.

Health Care Hacking—A System Update

Benoit Desjardins details the brand-new firewalls for the most recent breaches.

Imaging Patients with COVID-19: Current Perspective

Lawrence Goodman and Luis Sosa on what we know right now.

Imaging the Past in Situ: Paleoradiology and the Saqqara Necropolis Excavation

Sahar Saleem and Zahi Hawass’ field guide is part radiology, part archeology.

Siege or Soar?

2020-2021 ARRS President Alexander Norbash reflects on an unforgettable year.

New to AJR—Altmetric

Complementary criteria for tracking the yellow journal’s true impact.

Continuing Radiologist Education—A New Paradigm Using Clinical Test Sets

Radiologists need a new approach so that effective, relevant, and tailored education is available everywhere and at all times.

What Lies Ahead for Radiology?

Perhaps in looking to tomorrow and moving toward action we should focus collectively on how we can provide the best possible care to the largest number of patients.

Virtual Imaging Trials: What’s on the Horizon?

Given enough realism, virtual imaging trials may even replace clinical trials in the future.

Neurological Manifestations of COVID-19: Insights for the Diagnostic Radiologist

Radiologists must be attuned the neurological manifestations of COVID-19, as early identification of these findings may help to guide management and reduce disease transmission.