COVID-19 in Colombia: A New Trigger for Health Care Disparities

Paula Forero et al. on Colombia’s newest trigger for disparities

ARRS and the AI Codes—Another First for Radiology

Our role in getting radiology’s first-ever CPT code for artificial intelligence on the books.

Climate Change and Radiology—A Primer

Julia H. Schoen, Cassandra L. Thiel, and Jonathan S. Gross detail ways radiologists can reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions with minimal impact.

Next-Generation Imaging: Are We Ready to Take the Next Step in Prostate Cancer?

Francesco Giganti on next-generation imaging that can investigate the increased metabolism and vascular changes in prostate cancer.

ARRS and The Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research

Renee Cruea on uniting voices across imaging to help achieve the collective mission of improving the field to benefit patient outcomes.

Addressing the Concept of ‘Moral Injury’

ARRS President Jonathan Kruskal on prioritizing employee wellness efforts and implementing additional strategies to protect and support our workforce.

When Subspecialties Converge: What’s My Line?

ARRS President Jonathan Kruskal on two subspecialties that are rapidly converging from an operational perspective.

Practical Pediatric Imaging—Lessons Learned

Jonathan R. Dillman and Rama S. Ayyala discuss why Practical pediatric imaging education benefits most from a combination of didactic lectures and interactive case-based reviews.

High-Performing Teams: Abundant Opportunities to Bridge Digital Disparities

ARRS President Jonathan Kruskal on how precision medicine must expand to embrace the specific needs and preferences of stakeholders.

Making the Most of MRI: Practical and Advanced Body Applications

Victoria Chernyak and Kathryn J. Fowler detail updates in complex sequences, evolving protocols, and advanced techniques.